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    Time Management

    Part of me can’t believe that someone’s asked me, of all people, to write an article about time management. It seems like too great a responsibility for someone whose mind initially…

  • Opinion

    Blogpost: My Local Nature Escape

    I think of all the incredible places my love for the natural world has led me. There’s Iceland: totally wild, with its dark coastlines and countless waterfalls. The tiny Swiss town…

  • Art Culture

    The Case For Kanye

    Inspired by and in response to the Sunday 1st July New York Times Arts & Leisure article “Into The Wild With Kanye” by Julian Berman I love Kanye West the artist. …

  • Lifestyle Opinion Travel

    Solo Travel and Relationships

    Love and travel makes for a great partnership, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Social media abounds with the ultimate fantasy of #relationshipgoals: beautiful, bronzed couples stood side…

  • Art Culture Opinion

    Creativity, Nowadays

    Sometimes, I find sitting down to write daunting. I find it daunting because writing is an art, and nowadays art is less a matter of desire and more of profit. I…