Welcome to my blog! SJ Explores is all about the spirit of exploration. My name is Sofia Jin and I’m passionate about storytelling & sharing experiences that meaningfully engage people with the world around them. 

About Me  

I’m an entertainer, media creator and outdoors adventure lover – and severely in need of more hours in the day! I am represented by United Agents (TV presenting, acting, voiceover & brands) and an ambassador for The North Face. My greatest passion is storytelling; I am very curious about the world and our experiences in it. This blog is completely for fun and interest, spanning travel, outdoors adventure, lifestyle, culture and science. But in terms of my professional writing experience I have previously assisted the editorial team at Conde Nast Traveller UK, been the head writer for a hospitality brand-building agency and contributed to Elle Magazine Singapore. Ultimately, I believe that we are all explorers at heart.

Enjoy the journey(s!), 

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